Consistorium Talk – The Artist and Urban Development

Discursive Formats,

Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum is in the focus of urban transformation processes. The former military zone and wasteland has been included in both municipal and private development planning processes and might face a substantial change in the not so far future. 

With the round-table talk in Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum's headquarters, we would like to discuss the role of artists in urban transformation processes, focusing on the specific activ part artists play in gentrification procedures. Beyond exploring the theoretical background of these transformations, we would like to develop an outlook onto possible fields and strategies for artistic practices, that deal with the critical aspects of their action in urban transformation.

Invited speakers: Andrej Holm (Berlin/Frankfurt am Main), Matteo Pasquinelli (Amsterdam/London) and Pelin Tan (Istanbul)