KUNSTrePUBLIK in Jakarta

as partner of the Indonesian artistic collective ruangrupa, 2011

In the last ten years, ruangrupa has observed the development of space, public and their activities that endlessly and dynamically grow with the artistic and cultural organizations. The exhibition will chronologically present the collaboration held between ruangrupa and other organizations, collectives, communities, and its professional networks, local and foreign. This outline of events tries to remap the forms of cross-disciplinary collaboration occurred through art projects, workshops, exhibitions, seminars, discussions, and artistic residencies. On the other hand, the ruru.net exhibition will also exhibit the recapitulation of the journey so far, documentation and current projects from ruangrupa’s partners, which are still active to the present day, such as from Akademi Samali, ELSAM, Forum Lenteng, Grafis Sosial, Institut Sejarah Sosial Indonesia, Kineforum, PenitiPink, Sanggar Akar dan Serrum (Jakarta), Asbestos Art Space dan Commonroom (Bandung), Jatiwangi Art Factory (Jatiwangi), Gardu Unik (Cirebon), BYAR Creative Industry (Semarang), Daging Tumbuh, KUNCI Cultural Study Center dan MES56 (Yogyakarta), C.E.I.A (Brazil), Casco and Montevideo (Netherland), Gang Festival and Engagemedia (Australia), Kuratoriskaktion (Denmark), Skulturenpark Berlin_Zentrum / KUNSTrePUBLIK (Germany) and Video Art Center Tokyo (Japan).

In another project, ruangrupa as an artistic collective, invited 35 artists that have been involved in various art projects as well as programs for a collaborative traveling exhibition series held in two cities. The first took place in Galeri Soemardja, Bandung, July 23rd-25th 2010, while the second were held in Kedai Kebun Forum (KKF), Yogyakarta, September 30th – October 2nd 2010. All works were reproducible and the audience can have it for free in an interactive way. The works came in the form of posters, t-shirts, photocopy-formatted books, postcard-formatted photographs and calendars, flyers, badges and stickers. The materials of the exhibit will be represented as the closing event of the 10 Years ruangrupa celebration, together with Skulturenpark Berlin_Zentrum / KUNSTrePUBLIK, as guest star.

further information: www.ruangrupa.org

KUNSTrePUBLIK takes part at

exhibition: 28.12.2010 – 12.01.2011
artist talk: 06.01.2011
closing event: 12.01.2011