Invited by Idensitat:
Ramon Parramon, Maral Mikirditsian

Organised/led by:  
Philip Horst
Markus Lohmann
Harry Sachs

in collaboration with:      
Gaspar Maza
(Antroplogist, Tarragona)



Abigail Empez, Adrián Crescini, Aida Bañeras Argilés, Alexandra Soussa, Amalia Speratti, Andres Martínez, Arantza Lacasa, Arturo Dávila , Banu Çiçek Tülü, Belén Iranzo Bonillo, Berta González Carnicer, Danae Esparza, David Peña Garcia, Elena Azzeddin, Emanuela Bove, Eva Goenaga, Fernando Hidalgo, Ines Salpico, Iria Beltrán Gonzalo, Ivonne Villamil, Juan Aizpitarte, Juan Arturo Piedrahita, Laura Lara Sánchez, Liron Shua, Marc Ayala Adell, Marcos Cuesta, Maria Aparicio Puentes, Maria Calvo, Maria del Mar Roldán, Maria Muñoz, Maria Toledo Pérez, Raquel Cervera



ID BARRI Workshop
Interview BarcelonaTV (german)

ID Barrio Workshop RAVAL

Workshop, Barcelona, Spain, November 30 – Dezember 04, 2009

This workshop was carried out by KUNSTrePUBLIK. The workshop has proposed specific work with the aim to relate the exploration of territory and the analysis of space to socio-cultural activism and participation. The workshop was open to different disciplines like architects, designers and artists and it gathered people working in neighborhoods.  
During the first two days the participants were asked to go in for a detailed analysis of specific "zones" in RAVAL, such as "crime zone", "migrant zone" or "economic zone". After the results have been discussed the group was devided into smaller teams, each team had to focus on one core situation for which a certain artistic intervention was planned and implemented.
KUNSTrePUBLIK was giving personal support in all questions of artistic, organisational or structural matters.

supported by the Goethe Institut Barcelona