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KÜNSTLER: Aram Bartholl
Date: July 20 – September 22, 2014 (on the weekend)
Workshop as part of Netzfreier Sonntag, at the Recklinghausen Arkadien

KILLYOURPHONE.COM is an open workshop format. Participants are invited to make their own signal blocking phone pouch super fast for little money. You can run this workshop yourself at your place, school, center, festival, show, etc. and make signal blocking pouches with your friends, neighbors, and visitors. Protect your privacy! Discuss surveillance and learn how to sew, it is very easy.

Why can’t I just turn off my phone?

Yes, of course you could but nowadays we can’t really say any more if a phone is actually turned off when you power it down. The alarm still works, right? Today one can’t even take the batteries out of most mobile phone devices.
Does the pouch work?
Yes, it does! It works very well for a whole bunch of frequencies depending on which material you use. If you want to make sure it is also strong against close up WiFi signals I recommend sewing a double layer pouch. Test it!
How does it work?
The material is a copper or silver coated cloth or fleece especially developed for electromagnetic protection. As a pouch it forms a Faraday cage which blocks all electromagnetic radiation (radio waves). Usually it is used by the military or aviation industries. When you sit next to a strong radar antenna you better want to isolate the wall in order not to get grilled.
Does the material also shield RFID chips in passports?
Yes, it does. Since the RFID ships are usually powered passively the signal strength is much lower. RFID is in general much easier to kill than GSM and other signals.
Where to get the material?
Search for RF Shielding Fleece, HF+LF Shielding Fleece, RF Shielding Cloth, Electromagnetic Field Shielding Fabrics or Metalized Fabrics! You will find these and similar materials in stores which specialize in electromagnetic protection. The fleeces usually have the best absorbing properties but cloths work as well. Everything with 99.999% damping for 70dB and higher (for a broad range of frequencies 1-5Ghz) should work very well. There are many different online shops offering these products.
Do I need a special thread to sew a blocking pouch?
No, you don’t. But it is important to fold the fleece on all sides so no radio waves can escape the Faraday cage.
Can I run my own KILLYOURPHONE workshop?
Yes sure! Run your own signal blocking pouches workshop in your neighborhood, club, festival etc... & thx for linking to my website!
What about isolating your phone acoustically so it can’t record any sound?
Once a third party has installed a trojan on your phone, it is capable to run any software on your phone. When your phone is in the blocking pouch it is not connected to any network, however if a trojan has been installed it could still record sound (i.e. a conversation) and send it later. To prevent this, the phone needs to be isolated acoustically. A simple solutions for this is a bottling jar or, more effectively, double plastic pipes as used in pluming.

20. July 2014

ab 14 Uhr Arkadien Grünanlage am Europaplatz 1, 45657 Recklinghausen

Aram Bartholl was born in 1972 in Bremen, Germany. Education: UdK – University of the Arts Berlin, 2002. Aram Bartholl’s work creates an interplay between internet, culture and reality. The versatile communication channels are taken for granted these days, but how do they influence us? According to the paradigm change of media research, Bartholl does not just ask what man is doing with the media, but what media does with man. The tension between public and private, online and offline, technology infatuation and everyday life creates the core of his producing. In public interventions and public installations Bartholl examines which and how parts of the digital world can reach back into reality. Aram Bartholl is a member of the Internet based artist group Free, Art & Technology Lab – F.A.T. Lab. Net politics, the DIY movement and the Internet development in general do play an important role in his work. Beside numerous lectures, workshops and performances he exhibited at MoMA Museum of Modern Art NY, The Pace Gallery NY und [DAM] Berlin. Aram Bartholl lives and works in Berlin. Represented by: DAM Gallery Berlin | Frankfurt, xpo gallery Paris.