Arc de Gorg

June 04–05 2011 ARC DE GORG at the German Week in Barcelona

Where the housing market suffer, trade sputters, and weeds flourish, we introduce the Arc de Gorg!

In September 2011, a new landmark will be erected on the stalled development of the Badalona port:  a grand archway uniting the area’s history with its future. The new monument will be developed as a giant Tombola bringing together visitors, old and new residents, and local businesses. Its construction calls upon the local “Fortuna” to create a global symbol of trade, luck, and community.

Join the speculative gambling. Bring a prize! Win a prize! Let your personal destiny become part of the future development of Badalona. You too can be one of the many patrons of the monumental Arc de Gorg!

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Expected completion: September 2011

The project Arc de Gorg was invited by IDENSiTAT and is funded by Goethe-Institut Barcelona