5th berlin biennial – Skulpturenpark night event on June 10, 2008

In 1918, Irving Berlin penned the patriotic, "God Bless America". Twenty two years later and considering Berlin’s lyrics unrealistic and complacent, Woody Guthrie wrote his own American anthem, "This Land Is Your Land". The song celebrated the country’s land while protesting its class inequality. Now, 68 years later, the song is brought roundabout back to a different Berlin. 

Eight BMWs, the sponsor of the bb05, drove in a slow perfect circle. "This Land Is Your Land" played on their radios–remixed for an amusement ride sensation. The cars, roped together like a carousel, circled like an auto display or western wagon train. Every couple rounds the drivers systematically stopped to pick-up and drop-off spectators and riders. Just before dusk, a fire was lit inside the circle. 

In Landreform, the banality of economic determinism drives in a circle around itself upon a ground which will soon be developed with luxury condos and office buildings. As sung by Guthrie, the land of Skulpturenpark was made for you and me.

Special thanks to the drivers, Dionisis Kavallieratos, Tim Schober, Miclos Palos, Reingard Ebner, Michael Böhler, Konrad Braun, Tino Werner, Anke Kalk, Axel Gerber, and Julia Kapelle. Also thanks to Simone Häckel & Rebecca Riedel (cameras) and the generous support of KW.

Yourland (remixed)