Jakarta Biennale 2013

Senen Market is one of the oldest markets in the center of Jakarta. 

The diversity of tradtional and contemporary products and services is overwhelming. 

The informal character of the market makes it difficult for authorities to control and regulate the activities. Therefor the municipal market building is no longer maintained. It will eventually fall apart to make space for more ‚contemporary‘ models of commerce. Among the local community the heterogenous qualities of Senen Market are highly popular, but these qualities don’t get through to a broader public. 

Working with local packaging materials and craftsmanship, KUNSTrePUBLIK create a visual icon presenting the single letters of the market’s name: S E N E N. It is a reminder of the qualities of the old Senen Market and draws attention to the qualities of informality, improvisation and diversity in a world before homogenous global commerce.

S E N E N was commissioned by the Jakarta Biennale 2013