Daniel Knorr – 1 Year Warranty


An enamel sign traditionally used to distinguish historical buildings is mounted by Daniel Knorr on the facade of the Modecentrum Berlin Mitte, the building which houses the offices and viewing platform of Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum.
The sign announces the artist’s name and project’s intent: 1 Year Warranty / Public Space. The sign is stenciled with spray paint on various ambiguous, public spaces throughout Berlin, which like satellites, emanate from the original plaque. Its seal of approval provides no date of inscription, allowing the warranty to perpetually extend 1-year into the future. In reference to the writing culture of graffiti, the sign critiques the privatization of urban space.
Due to building renovations, the ‹Mother label› is destroyed in 2008, but many of the satellite labels still exist in public spaces around Berlin.