Yoga Eis Herten - Erik Göngrich

Calamini Eis, Pastoratsweg 1, 45699 Herten

Yoga Ice Cream – Herten
A graphical diary

Rudolfo and Christa Calamini are makers of ice-cream in the city of Herten. In 1960 Rudolfo`s parents Alfredo and Paula opened the ice cream bar Calamini. Rudolfo and Christa have been running the ice cream parlor on Pastoratsweg in Herten since 1966. While working as a trainee in their shop, Erik Göngrich developed three new flavors of ice-cream: Yoga Ice made with elder blossoms from the local Schlosspark, Transit Ice with dates and semolina imported from Marseille, Vintner Ice with walnuts and raisins coming from the Rhineland. The history of the Calamini family is documented in a graphical diary enclosed in this book as a poster.

Erik Göngrich is an artist and architect. His works reflect the use and changes of public space through installations, guided tours and publications. The preexisting sculptural and social aspects of public space are taken as starting points for processes that are often collaborative and extend over several years, in which site specific interventions are developed. At the same time, publications are a passion, with works such as: The World is not fair – Die große Weltausstellung for a Pavilion in Tempelhof Park in Berlin (2012), Non Stop City for a Night Boat Journey along the Rhein-Herne Canal in the Ruhr Region (2010), Stadtskulptur geht uns alle an! for a City Tour in Berlin Moabit (2009), Starving for Embarrassing Architecture for an Exhibition about Los Angeles (2005) and Picnic City* for an Intervention in Public Space in Istanbul (2001).